Vacation Notice for Lunar Chinese New Year (ChunJie)

Thank you all for your support and help to us in the years passed, all valued customers and suppliers as well as our Lider Staff. We are selebrating our 2022 Lunar Chinese New Year. It is called ChunJie in Chinese. Please accept our best wishes for you!

Please be kindly noted that the following time for your reference –

  1. Current orders : our sales have confirmed the delivery time with each current order in production. All these orders will be shipped on time. Please note all orders will be shipped before Jan 22,2022.
  2. Pending orders: Our sales will confirm with you the estimated delivery time and materials status. We have arranged most of the orders and materials.
  3. Vacation starts Jan 22,2022 and ends Feb 8th, 2022. All factories and office will be closed during this time. But you can still reach your sales and assistants by email if you need info or help.
  4. Our factory for injection, chargers may have a plan for late working date due to the coming COVID policy by the government. Our sales will contact our customer to inform the details.

Thank you all very much for your support and we are looking forward to your support in the coming lunar year! Look forward to our mutual fruitful business in this great 2022!

From Lider Group

Lunar Chinese New Year

– Chunjie – Best Lunar Chinese New Year Wishes for you

We are going to have our vacation for Chinese New Year (CNY) soon

All Chinese are expecting the Chinese New Year after Xmas, New Year’s Day. The traditional New Year starts on Jan 24,2020. The Spring Festival for year 2020 is likely a month earlier than last year. Traditionally the Spring Festival is our Chinese New Year for most of the Chinese. That is a long vacation for most of the people here.

We are going to plan the vacation for year 2020 as below:

Factory closed for Injection – Jan 14, 2020
Factory closed for chargers and cables – Jan 12, 2020
Office closed – Jan 15, 2020

Office open – Feb 1, 2020
Factory open – Feb 7, 2020

Thank you all the customers, friends, staff and suppliers. We are expecting a wonderful 2020 with you all.

to know the Chinese more? Just click the link. You will know lot from our tag – Lunar Chinese New Year.

What will we do on the first day of working after Chinese Lunar New Year?

What will we do on the first day of working after Chinese Lunar New Year? Let us check that now.

Our company is in Guangzhou and I would like to share with you some of the special rules in our local-

1.  Pray for good business. Most of the companies or factories will pray for good business before Duddha – GuanGong. Wish him will bring us good luck and wealth in this coming year.

Best wishes for business

2.  The firecrackers were crackling and spluttering. The firecrackers will indicate that we are in a new start.

3.  Red Envelops. Of course, this is very important for everybody – The boss, the managers, and even the regular staff. Almost everybody could get a envelop from the company. You may be interested that, how much it will be in? Most of the companies would put 50RMB or 100RMB. That is like 7.5USD or 15USD. And the ones who are not married yet can ask for red envelops from the ones who get married. Strange? Yeah. This rule is very common in Guangzhou. I am from Hunan and there is not a rule like this there.

Happy New Year of the Pig!

4.  Happy New Year again! Most of the foreigners will feel very strange on this. Why? It is easy. The Spring Festival lasts 15 days. We are back to work now and it is still in the New Year! It is the right time to say Happy New Year to everybody and best wishes. Then we will talk and get new things listed with laugher

5.  Cleaning. There is dust and dirty in the chairs and offices. We shall do some cleaning.

6.  Meeting. The boss and managers will hold meetings to talk about the plans. That is more to talk about the future. And, the orders or difficulties around.  

Are you really ready for the CNY yet?

Chinese New Year (CNY) will be on Feb 4,2019. It seems that we still have like 50 days to go. So, there is a lot of time? It is good and we are happy.  NO, THAT IS WRONG! Why?

Every factory is planning for the CNY now. They are planning with their order status and the final delivery date to calculate the order QTYs that they can finish before their vacation.  For example, they have planned to have vacation before Jan 20 and they have full orders to Jan 15. So, they may plan and only accept small orders just to finish the 5 days. They are scaring that if they cannot finish a full big order and they have to wait almost a month and then to start! 

Most of the workers are from other provinces. Some even take days to arrive at home. As a regular rule, it is hard for them buy tickets and go at a time to their hometowns. They have to plan to go back,too. Some workers will even ask for leave a month or earlier than the CNY. They can escape from the crowded people and arrive at hometown with ease and stay more time with their parents, kids, couples and relatives.  

Every factory is focusing on current orders to finish them.  Late come and late go. This does not only include the finished products, but also the raw materials. Late come raw materials may lead to failure of the delivery time. 

So, what is the regular rule of the plan before Chinese New Year? Well, here goes some for your reference. 

CNY begins  – 10 -15 days before CNY day. Definitely the vacation would start before Jan 20, 2019 for most of the factories. And a week later for companies without factories. 

CNY ends – 7 days after CNY day. It is like Feb 11. 

 If your orders are not finished before Chinese New Year, the factory Dalaoban (Chinese, Boss) promised you to deliver on Feb 15th. I suggest you to check yourself and see with your own eyes. The plant may not in full production as normal. How can he make production and deliver in a short days? Of course, he can if the orders were finished before CNY and stayed in warehouse, or the orders are small ones. That is different. 

Plan earlier. Deliver earlier. Avoid trouble.  It is good for you – the buyer and the manufacturer (company) – the seller. 

to Know Chinese New Year More

Chinese New Year – it is a traditional Lunar day for Chinese People. It is “Chun Jie” in Chinese.This is saying that, normally it is not the Jan 1st every year. It is the lunar first day of the year.  And, it is for all Chinese people – this means it is for Chinese people who lived in China and also the ones who was born out of China but with a Chinese tradition.

The Chinese New Year always lasts 15 days. It counts from the first day of  Spring Festival to the end day. Total it is 15 days. That is why some of the factories or companies enjoy a vacation of more than 15 days even the law only permits 7 days of free vacation. Another reason for a long vacation is, most of young or middle aged people are working in other places which is far from their hometown or parents. They would spend days on road to visit their hometown or parents and stay there for days.

So, the vacation starts from the first day of Spring festival and ends the last day? No, no, no. That is wrong! Usually the vacation starts a week before the first day of the Spring Festival and ends at 8th day of the Spring Festival. It depends.

What Chinese people enjoy during the vacation? mmm, let me list some of them. Please remember, this does not include all. It is only a very small amount of the things they will experience.

  1. Long vacation – Most of the Chinese people are hard-working ones. They will release and have a real vacation during this time. Most of the factories, companies are closed. They will not be bothered with business things. So, they can free themselves totally with a fresh mind.
  2. Long Journey – Meet with tens of thousands people in the business, trains, business and express trains.Many of them will drive more than 8 hours home. Some even take more than 24 hours! It is not easy for most of them to get home.After the Spring Festival vacation, they have to spend the same time back to where they work.
  3. Meet with parents and friends – Most of the young people will leave their home town after Junior middle school. But their parents are still living there. You know, most of the young guys only meet their parents once at this Spring Festival. After a short time together, they have to leave for the places where they work or study.
  4. Vacation is for memories – I have left my home town more than 20 years. I could visit my places where i was born and grown up. The voices of the hometown will bring you back to the childhood. The people of my age will get together and drink till to red faces.  Most of the people will do the same.
  5. Culture for kids – The generation of my kids will know less about Chinese culture and the traditions. Spring Festival  will let them experience more than fun. We now live in Guangzhou and my son and daughter do not know much of the traditions of visiting relatives at hometown, preparation of Spring Festival and more. As a parent, it is a good time to keep them knowing more.
  6. Red envelope –  As a foreigner, you may get interested in this. Red envelopes are best wishes for friends or family members celebrating the important things. Of course, Spring Festival is included. What is inside a red envelope? It is money, Chinese money. The amount inside the red envelope goes from 1RMB to several thousands RMB or even more (USD0.15 to USD2000 or even more). Both the giver and the receiver would be happy without caring the money inside. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and ” Xin Nian Kuai Le” are the best words to express thanks when you receive a red envelope. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” means ” Best wishes for you to make more money”. And ” Xin Nian Kuai Le” means ” Happy New Year”.
    It is normal for younger ones to receive red envelopes from older family members as grandparents, parents, elder brothers or sisters. My mom and dad are in 70s now and I am in my forties. I kept receiving red envelopes since I was 2-3 years old! The young ones will also give envelopes to older ones like grandparents, parents and elderly neighbors to show respects  and cares.
  7. Fireworks and play a dragon or lion – It is very happy to watch the fireworks with family members. Due to the pollution to air, the Chinese government take measures to stop that. This may disappear very soon.
    Playing a dragon or a lion is my favorite game when I was a kid. It will bring many of the Chinese people back to good memories. This could be seen in cities or countrysides. You can search in google to see videos.

Spring Festival is the key and most important festival for Chinese people. The listed is only a small part of that. And, it differs from different locations and places in China or abroad. That is Chinese culture.


Questions, or comments? Jus comment us below. We will explain and get back to you. Thank you and please share this if you like that.