3-in-1 Data Cable wholesale for iPhone and Android Phones

3-in-1 data cable wholesale for iPhone and android phones

3-in-1 data cable wholesale for iPhone and android phones. Our multi-data cable with 3 different connectors for different phones – iPhone, Type C androlid phones and Micro android Phones.

So, just a cable for almost all popular phones. No matter it is iPhone or it is other android phones as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.

This cable support up to 12V and 4A max. It is easy to charge your phone with normal charger at 5V 2A or a bit higher 9V 2A. It can support up to 40W to fit your super charger!

The length is 1M. Normal USB A to 3 connectors as lightning, type C and Micro.

We have 4 colors as photo shown. If you need other colors and we can also custimize for you with our MOQ.

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Mobile Phone Data Cables Wholesale from Lider Industrial Ltd

Our Latest mobile phone data cables are available for wholesale. It is the luminous one with nylon braided. 2.4A currency with fast charging. Durable, light weight and easy to carry.

Please see the photos from the following:

Mobile Data Cables Wholesale

Mobile Data Cables Wholesale

iPhone Lightning Data Cable with Nylon Braided

iPhone Lightning Data Cable with Nylon Braided


Type C Data and Charging Cable

Type C Data Cables Wholesale from China Supplier – Our Type C to Type C, Micro or apple  lightning data cables will be compatible with your MacBook Pro and other Type C mobile phones or notebooks.

Type C to Type C USB data cables with high speed transmission

Type C to Type C data cables wholesale

Type C to Type C data cables wholesale

Type C to Micro data cables with charging and data transmission

Type USB C to Micro Data Cables

Type USB C to Micro Data Cables

Type C to lightning data cable for Apple iPhone, iPad and more

Type USB C to Apple iPhone Lightning Data Cable

Type USB C to Apple iPhone Lightning Data Cable

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As an importer, you know How to Check Mobile Phone Data Cable Quality?

As a mobile phone data cables manufacturer and exporter, many of my customers asked me the same question – how can I check the quality of the mobile phone data cables that I purchased?some of other guys may have the same question in mind. Well, Let me show you the steps.

1. The cable is wearable or not?
You should check this to avoid potential problem may occur in the sales. You can take out a sample from the mass production products and twist and then straighten it. Repeated this process 3-5 times and you will get the difference. Normally it should bear 5 testings as a mininum. Of course, it is a good data cable if your testing is more than this!

2. The USB metal part or the connector part is easy to get rusty?
This helps to check the life of the data cable. You cannnnnot use a data cable always above 40 degrees with heating and dry air. The streams in the air usually will harm the metal parts. Put the testing sample in water or salty water for 8 hours. It is the best without any signs of rust. It is still good to see some small points because you will not put a data cable in water when in real usage.

3. Put-in and take-out times of the charger port and the USB are both important for you.
This is a technical check. You cannot plug the USB cable till it is broken. but you can try 50-100 times so see the result.  Just put the charger port in and take it out. Repeat 50-100 times and you will find that some of them broken or worn if it is not good. A normal charging cable would bear more than 500 tests of put-in and take-out.

4. Cable length
It is simple. Just measure that.

5. The data cable carrying currency
This is the most important thing for a data cable no matter it is just a charging cable or a cable with data transmission. The currency means that the mobile phone charging speed. More currency can pass through the data cable and the charging would be more efficient and faster on condition the mobile phone charger can supply enough currency for the phone.

Simple way is to use a LED meter to see the charging currency directly. The more of the numbers the good the data cable. You can see directly from the number on the screens of the tester.

If we do not have a LED tester meter with us, we can also cut the data cable in half and see the inside metal wire. You know the specifications and you can easily know the quality of the data cables.

We can also test that with a mobile phone. Your phone is fully charged in 2 hours with the original charger. It is not bad to get a 2.2 hours of full charge with the same phone and charger but with new data cable. But, it is horrible to get 3 hours or more under the same condition!

6. IC life inside the charging connector
We take iphone lightning data cables for example. The longer using life for the data cable also depends on the inside IC. Some data cable ICs are not purchased from original maker. This means that it is cracked or copied. Some good ICs will experience several generations of the software update. The cheep ones will be ended just one update of the software.

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How to Get an Ideal Replacement Data Cable for Your Phone

Apple iPhone Lightning Data Cable

Apple iPhone Lightning Data Cable

The original mobile phone data cable is wared out as time goes on. Or, you left in your hotel when travel somewhere else. Maybe your naughty boys cut your phone data cable in half by mistake… The problem is, it is not the right time to get a new phone. The best choice is to get a replacement data cable for your old phone.

You are still lucky if you can get a replacement mobile phone data cable from your drawer because you save that from your last old phone and find it is compatibe with the phone at your hand.

What if I do not have any replacement? Ahaa, you are lucky too because I am with you and you can save time and gain experience in buying mobile phone data cable for charging or data purpose.

Well, Let me guide you and help you make desisions.

  1. First and the most important – get the right connector for your phone. Purchase a micro connector data cable for most of the android phones as Samsung Galaxy S5, S6,HTC and so on. A lightning data cable is suitable for iPhone 5,5s,6 or later version. And a Type C connector cable is used to fit for a Type C charger port mobile phone.It is very easy for you to know this.If your data cable is not listed in the 3 main data cables, bring the phone with you and show to the staff when you are going to buy. They will help you.
  2. Try to get a wearable data cable for your phone. You can check this when you select from different bands and carriers. Here goes some tips:
    – A nylon coated data cable would be better than the normal others;
    – Thick cables would be normally better than the regular ones;
    – Special workmanship data cables normally would be better.
  3. Try to check some details of the data cable you are going to buy. If you find 1 or 2 listed in the following, please do not buy or try to get a refund:
    a. the USB or the connector part, or both of them get rusty;
    b. the data cable gives unconfortable smells;
    c. the plastic part of the data cable is ageing;
    e. the color of the data cable is not universal,some are fading;
    f. the USB or the connector part is easy to know shorter than the one you used;
    g. some other ones you know and I do not list here.

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