Some WHAT and HOW Questions about Q-SIM or other turbo SIMs

Editor’s Words: we receive many of the questions by email everyday and ask for help. I include all the questions and answers as below for your all reference:

I am new to turbo SIM. I want to buy several PCs for my phones. This is not for business. Can you help?
We suggest you to buy in the local shop which will help you to setup and provide you more comfortable service. You just stay there for minutes and well done. What’s more, the freight is much to make it arrive at your hand by courier. Actually it is costly and will not save you much.

How can I input my ICCID for QSIM3?
All the Q-SIMs are not supported below Q-SIM4. This means, Q-SIM, Q-SIM2 and Q-SIM3 would not be available for input ICCID manually.

Apple blocked the ICCID loophole or vulnerability, what shall I do?
If iPhone’s ICCID loophole or vulnerability was blocked, we could do nothing to change that. But we can:
1. Keep the unlocked condition as it is. If the phone was unlocked, we could keep it the same condition to avoid trouble. Do not change the SIM card or wipe the phone and try to unlock that with the same turbo SIM and carrier SIM.
2. We can wait till next generation to release for unlock.
3. Try to setup the phone manually if your phone is not unlocked. But this would lead some function losses. For example, no internet or messages or other ones.

Who is going to be responsible for the shipment on the way to me? Apple blocked the ICCID vulnerability. 
Normally we will not be responsible for this except you require us to do that when we quote you.
But if you are our regular customers with good purchasing, we will guide you to make less or no loss. This is a bonus to our regular customers.

Can we upgrade my QSIM or RSIM myself? 
It depends.

My former supplier gave me credit on the Q-SIM or R-SIM, what is your payment terms?
That is a very good term for payment.Our true and correct suggestion is that you get a wonderful supplier.
We are sorry to let you know that we cannot give you credits because we cannot promise any thing that we cannot achieve.

The product is bought from somewhere else, can you help to upgrade or guide us in setup by manual?
We will try if it does not cost too much time. Definitely this should be done by your supplier.

How can I add letters to the ICCID?

Some of the clients don’t know how to put letters into ICCID. Here goes some of our suggestions and please try:

  1. Install the Q-SIM or R-SIM into an iPhone without lock: Settings – phone – SIM apps ( You can also dial *5005*7672*00# to get there directly). Then, you change the ICCID there and save. Just re-install the Q-SIM or RSIM to an iPhone to unlock.
  2. Copy:  Type f or other letters in WIFI settings.( Home–WIFI settings) Copy and paste it after inputing the numbers.
  3. Copy: Add all the numbers and letters to notepad, then copy.Paste it when you need to put the ICCID.
  4. Computer input: If you get a USB dongle with you, just use software to change that.

Here goes the 2nd for copy from WIFI password. This is for not activated iPhone with 1st activation:

Please let us know if there goes any questions. Thank you.

New ICCID for Perfectly Unlock iPhone

Here goes the latest ICCID 8901 0000 0000 0000 001f .

If you do not know how to input this, please visit How to change or input ICCID code for iPhone unlock. 

If you do not know how to input the f to the ICCID after numbers, visit How can I add letters to the ICCID for more info.

Thank you and please like and share this if you think it is useful.

ICCID was blocked again! That is bad for turbo SIM unlock

It is the new year and let me say Happy New Year at beginning. But if you are doing a turbo SIM unlock business and do a sales of Q-SIM, R-SIM or other turbo SIM, there goes a bad news for you — The latest ICCID 8901 0000 0000 0000 0011 was blocked again! This is the 3rd ICCID loophole was blocked since the 1st generation of iPhone release.

Important Notice for those who unlocked your iPhone – If your iPhone works stable in a version lower than iOS11.2.1 or iOS11.2.1 or some with iOS11.3 . Nothing should do on this and just keep as it is!

Please AVOID the following:
1. Try to upgrade, downgrade or root the iPhone;
2.Try to change the unlock mode, leave it as it is;
3. Wipe your iPhone unless you need to setup or want trouble;
4. Replace the current SIM card with a new one.

We are waiting for another version to be released to unlock automatically!