Things You Should Pay Attention When Using Power Bank

Most of the people would think that it is funny when they see this topic because it is so easy – just plug and use. As a professional manufacturer and supplier in mobile phone accessories, I would like to share with you some of my experience to avoid loss or harm when using the power banks.

Lider Power Bank Wholesale - PB103

Lider Power Bank Wholesale – PB103

Do not buy the cheapest one. Yes, Do not buy!
A good power bank is worth a good value. Most of the cheep power banks are made of cheep battery cells, no protection PCB, no testing before assembly and no QC for final finished process. Some of the maker themselves even do not know which one is good or bad just to know they can sell because some of customers need cheep power banks to sell. They do not care what the power bank is or it will cause problem. You can see that all these power banks are with very good prices no matter for wholesale or retail.
Buy good power banks from good band names. It will cost you a bit more but will give you more safe using and longer life. This is my suggestion.

Control your charging time.
Charge your power bank before it is used up. Do not charge it without maintains. Put the charging power bank under your sight and take care of that. Set alarm and check it when being charged.

Avoid exposure under sunshine. Humid surroundings will not do good to power banks, either. Put your power bank in a showdown, dry places.

Buy a new one if you find something strange or abnormal.
You are the user and know better than anybody else for your own power bank from the day you had it. Less output charging, longer input charging, hotter than ever in input or output charging, power bank housing getting fat and much more, any of them show that it is near the end of your power bank life. Buy a new one instead.

Use the power bank when necessary.
A power bank is for emergency use. Try to avoid using times and using frequency to extend the power bank recycling life. You can use your car charger when in a car and a travel charger when at home or in office.

Use a good charger to charge your power bank.
The output data should match the input data of your power bank on voltage and currency especially the voltage. A 5V 2.1A apple would be good for a power bank. But a 12V 2.1A charger would lead to smoke, fire or explosion for the power bank if no protection IC is installed there.

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