Are you really ready for the CNY yet?

Chinese New Year (CNY) will be on Feb 4,2019. It seems that we still have like 50 days to go. So, there is a lot of time? It is good and we are happy.  NO, THAT IS WRONG! Why?

Every factory is planning for the CNY now. They are planning with their order status and the final delivery date to calculate the order QTYs that they can finish before their vacation.  For example, they have planned to have vacation before Jan 20 and they have full orders to Jan 15. So, they may plan and only accept small orders just to finish the 5 days. They are scaring that if they cannot finish a full big order and they have to wait almost a month and then to start! 

Most of the workers are from other provinces. Some even take days to arrive at home. As a regular rule, it is hard for them buy tickets and go at a time to their hometowns. They have to plan to go back,too. Some workers will even ask for leave a month or earlier than the CNY. They can escape from the crowded people and arrive at hometown with ease and stay more time with their parents, kids, couples and relatives.  

Every factory is focusing on current orders to finish them.  Late come and late go. This does not only include the finished products, but also the raw materials. Late come raw materials may lead to failure of the delivery time. 

So, what is the regular rule of the plan before Chinese New Year? Well, here goes some for your reference. 

CNY begins  – 10 -15 days before CNY day. Definitely the vacation would start before Jan 20, 2019 for most of the factories. And a week later for companies without factories. 

CNY ends – 7 days after CNY day. It is like Feb 11. 

 If your orders are not finished before Chinese New Year, the factory Dalaoban (Chinese, Boss) promised you to deliver on Feb 15th. I suggest you to check yourself and see with your own eyes. The plant may not in full production as normal. How can he make production and deliver in a short days? Of course, he can if the orders were finished before CNY and stayed in warehouse, or the orders are small ones. That is different. 

Plan earlier. Deliver earlier. Avoid trouble.  It is good for you – the buyer and the manufacturer (company) – the seller.