Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas from Lider Industrial Ltd, China office and factories

Thank you all for your efforts and support in our business! Xmas is around the corner and we send our best wishes to you and merry Xmas!

We are looking forward to a fuitful new year of 2022 with you!

Fix Phone Gets Hot and Battery Drains Fast

iPhone needs to be cool down

iPhone needs to be cool down

Have you ever met this screen shot in your iPhone using life? Your iPhone suddenly gets hot although you’re not using it in a hot summer or it’s not charging, then you should pay attention. An overheating phone will lead to a faster battery draining or even cause the battery to explode, which is dangerous. Why it happens? What to and not to do when a phone gets too hot? Here we go:

What is the cause?

1. High Temperature. The working temperature for a smartphone is 0~35 degrees Celsius, equals to 32~95 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware when your phone is exposed to a hot summer or direct sunlight for a long time.
2. Intense Workload. Too many apps running in the foreground or background results in the processor always working and lasting in an overload status which makes the device unable to dissipate heat timely.
3. Poor Signal. If your device is in a poor mobile network, the device will increased transmitter power to have a massive data interaction with nearby base stations, which will also lead the processor to run in overload and have no time to cooling down.
4. Faulty Battery. An original battery which is about to finish its service or a faulty battery produced by a third-party manufacturers.
5. Heavy Covering. Cover your phone in a protective case or some heavy stuffs will bring on poor heat dissipation.
6. Calling while Charging. Battery inputs and outputs at the same time will produce heat and the input and output of electric current will also put you in danger when you’re calling while the phone it’s charging.
7. Software Incompatibility. An iPhone after jailbreak or an Android phone after root may be installed some malicious or incompatible plugins without notice, which give rise to the cellphone heating.

What to do?

1. Keep or use your phone in a good ventilation place.
2. Turn off background running apps and uninstall the seldom use or never use apps.
3. Disable auto download and auto update selections.
3. Remove the protective cases when a phone is getting hot.
4. Use a good quality earphone instead of placing the phone close to your cheek when having a long conversation.
5. Stop the app you’re using or the video you’re watching when a phone is getting hot.
6. Install a professional app to detect what causes the phone to heat.
7. Watching out the weird overheating at any time.
8. Power your device off to let it rest for a moment.
9. Turn to local service center or repair shops for help.

How to avoid?

1. Avoid playing a game, watching a video or calling while the phone is charging.
2. Avoid protecting your phone with poor heat dissipation case.
3. Avoid charging your phone with faulty chargers or cables.
4. Avoid holding your phone or putting it into a pocket when it’s getting hot.
5. Avoid rapid cooling like placing it in a refrigerator or in front of the air conditioner as the large difference between the inside and outside of cellphone will lead to condensation which will damage the phone.

Lider 2016 CNY Vacation

Thank you,all customers and partners, for your support in year 2015 and happy new year to you! Thank you for your trust, encouragement, help and communication. As the new year starts tomorrow, wish you a fruitful new year 2016!

As the Chinese New Year Monkey is around the corner. We are planning the Chinese Lunar New Year vacation notice for your reference as below:

1. Cases factory: Jan 31 – Feb 15,2015
2. Chargers factory: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015
3. Injection: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015

4. Guangzhou office and warehouse: Jan 26 – Feb 15, 2015

It is a traditional long new year vacation and if there is any changes, we shall inform you. Thank you and let’s make year 2016 a wondful one!

Lider Group Inc

Lider Leather Products Factory

Who is Lider Leather Products Factory? Lider is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler for small leather products as cell phone cases, pouches, name card holders, passport holders and so on. Lider Leather Products Factory was established in year 2006 and it is one of the leading suppliers in China.

Leather Products from Lider are popular because:
– Selected materials;
– Experienced manufacturing staff;
– Strict QC;
– Timely delivery.

These are the key feathers in the production system. Welcome all the leather cases buyers to contact Lider Leather Products Factory for wholesale and cooperation!

Contact Details:
– Add: No 2-2,Central Street,Datian,Jianggao Town, Bayun Dis, Guangzhou, 510450, China
– Tel: +8620 2982 2585 / +8620 2982 2580
– Email: lider (@) (Please delete () when sending emails.)