TWS, the best bluetooth till now

What is TWS? TWS is True Wireless Stereo.

What a TWS can bring us?

A TWS is definitely without wires. So, the user do not have to take care of the wires when traveling, even sporting! It brings convenience to the user.
A TWS also can bring true stereo comparing with wired earbuds! As the bluetooth technology is going on, engineers can plant the true stereo technology to a wireless earbuds without any difficulties!
It is auto paired! You have to pair the bluetooth 2.0 when you are going to use the BT 2.0 to make calls. Now it is Bluetooth 5.0 you just take the earbuds from the storage box or just even open the storage box door. It will pair automatically!
A TWS also can bring you up to 8 hours of time for music or 3 hours for talking. This is not enough for you? No worry, just put the earbuds in the storage box and it will charge again. It will repeat the same time when the charge is finished! Normally the storage box can bring you 3-5 times of charging. This means an amazing time for talk or music!

Why a TWS can afford the convenience?

As the bluetooth technology developed month by month, the chips are the first improvements for all Bluetooth earbuds. New chip will cost less in labor, assembly and power. On the other hand, it will bring more wonderful functions, much as dual talking, auto pairing. The main suppliers for chips are Qualcomm, Realtek, Broadcom and the Chinese band name Airoha.

The phone company will give easier access to bluetooth products. As we all know, Apple did not give access to all iPhones with 3.5mm output now. But we have to use the phone in talking handsfree. We can use an adaptor to convert lightning to 3.5mm audio output or just buy apple earbuds with lightning connector. Of course, we can buy a bluetooth! TWS is the best choice.

TWS works seamlessly with android, IOS and more with no worries on the connectors. An android phone may accept only 3.5mm, Type C or other connectors for the audio output. Apple may use only lightning. If an android and one iPhone are carried at the same time, they want to work at the same time for music or talking seamlessly. A good TWS earbuds will help at this time. You can use that in subway, buses or long time traveling.

A TWS will bring you more. More and more new technology will be with TWS. Airpods is a good TWS with Siri. And you can talk to yourself or get the right info you need just by talking!

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Latest ICCID for Q-SIM

Please note that we will update this page with latest ICCID once it is available to release. This new ICCID is suitable for all Q-SIM, R-SIM or any other unlock.

8901 4104 2778 0604 3877

20180713 –
The Latest ID is 8901 4104 2778 0604 8009. Please kindly check.

20180604 –
The latest ICCID  as below –

8901 4104 2786 5698 0481

Please update with is new ICCID if your former one is expired.If you do not know how to input the ICCID, please visit How to change or input ICCID code for iPhone unlock.


What is the Big Difference between QC3.0 and QC2.0?

QC3.0 QC2.0 conventional charger in 30 minutes
Many of clients ask us the same question – what is the big difference between QC 3.0 and QC 2.0 ? It seems easy to answer –
  1. QC 3.0 is 30% faster than QC 2.0. It would protect the phone battery and make it recycle more times as well.
  2. Intelligent Negotiation Opti voltage will help QC 3.0 to max the power of charging.
  3. QC 2.0 can charge a phone to its 50%. But QC 3.0 could charge a phone from 0% to 80% in 35 minutes. QC3.0 can reduce the loss of power up to 45%.
  4. QC 3.0 is designed to charge the phone max at a high speed. The voltage was designed from 3.6V to 20V. And the currency would go up or down at 200mV as a stage standard. This would help QC 3.0 to charge the phone at max speed and cause less heat and reduce power when charging.

New ICCID – 20180322

Here goes the new ICCID 8901 4103 2795 2915 5468

Please just update them with these latest ICCID numbers.

If you do not know how to input the ICCID, please visit How to change or input ICCID code for iPhone unlock

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How can I add letters to the ICCID?

Some of the clients don’t know how to put letters into ICCID. Here goes some of our suggestions and please try:

  1. Install the Q-SIM or R-SIM into an iPhone without lock: Settings – phone – SIM apps ( You can also dial *5005*7672*00# to get there directly). Then, you change the ICCID there and save. Just re-install the Q-SIM or RSIM to an iPhone to unlock.
  2. Copy:  Type f or other letters in WIFI settings.( Home–WIFI settings) Copy and paste it after inputing the numbers.
  3. Copy: Add all the numbers and letters to notepad, then copy.Paste it when you need to put the ICCID.
  4. Computer input: If you get a USB dongle with you, just use software to change that.

Here goes the 2nd for copy from WIFI password. This is for not activated iPhone with 1st activation:

Please let us know if there goes any questions. Thank you.