Why We Don’t Sell Masks or thermometers or other?

As the coronavirus went breakout rapidly around the world, more and more suppliers joined the group in selling masks, thermometers, sanitizers or even the COVID-19 testers.Some even put advertisement for phone accessories yesterday but now they changed their minds!

Obviously they are not in the medical line. They just want to sell with their little knowledge to make money easier.

Are customers stupid to buy from them? It seems that it is a hard question to answer. Some customers know their suppliers very well for the honesty and trust. And the suppliers do get good source for the masks, sanitizers or others. Also suppliers would list a lot of documents for the customers to make customs clearance or sales. This is good.

But, on the other hand, more of the suppliers know nothing about medical treatments and requirements. They have been looking for masks, sanitizers weeks ago and it was very hard to get to protect themselves. All the medicals are raising sharply. They just know it is a good business. They can make money. Thus comes the funny story – he was selling the electronics yesterday and now selling masks or related today!Will he get a success? Probably. He offers a very good price as he always does. Customer is also interested in the price.

We are not in the group for selling. We are keeping the same business as usual. Why? You do not want to make money? you may ask. Yeah, it is a good question. We do want to make more business but we will never sell things we do not know.

  • Lack of knowledge – We know that the specific knowledge would take time and experience to get. We do not know the rules of materials, production, package requirement and shipping. We do not sell a large amount of products without paying a visit to the raw materials or factories. Without knowledge to work on new items, it will cause trouble.
  • Lack of exporting experience and license- This is not the most important reason but it affects the whole. We can turn to our agent or middlemen for help. But there would be a risk if they know nothing and promise you everything! (Sorry, I am not joking. It is true sometimes.) We learned from some news that the CE agency did not hold the authorization to release a medical CE for masks but they did. The shipper experienced a big loss when the container reached European port.
  • No good reliable source – We are honest that we do not have a good and reliable source for this. It is easy to get a source but very hard to get the source reliable.
  • Cannot make things under control – to be honest, we bought some masks without packages for ourselves. Of course, no band names, no marks. no standards on them. We have no choices but to take them because we cannot buy buy the good one . It is better for us to put a mask even it does not meeet the standards. They are santinized before factory outlet? They are polluted in the sales? We know nothing about that. We noticed that many of the masks are with a transparent polybag package without factory name, address. Who would be responsible for that if the masks are fake and would not make any protection?We do not know and cannot make things under our control.

We treat our business seriously. Welcome to contact us for our own mobile phone accessories products that we can bring you quality and keep you standout in competition!