AS a potential customer, you know What suppliers need from you?

  1. Your company is real. As a customer, you will require a real company business with you to avoid troubles. For example, if the contact and the company is fake, they disappear when you transfer all the money to them. What will you do? It is a piece of cake for you to handle or a tragedy? The same to a supplier.
  2. Full contact info needed. Many potential customers will contact potential suppliers with gmail, hotmail or other public mailboxes without even a real phone number. This is good to avoid push for business from potential suppliers. But you know, your potential supplier’s competitors are doing the same! To verify yourself, you should give them correct phone numbers, websites and take their calls if you are not willing to be contacted by email or instant messages. Right and correct info will keep you noted with latest products or info. This will add value to your business. Do not forget, you are also in competition and the information may help!
  3. Your company info could be found by search engines and SNS. A customer is always to get the right supplier as a partner. You know the company is RIGHT or not from their factory location, work staff, monthly production output, R&D and more. A potential supplier will always to get the right info from internet to see if you are doing wholesale, retail or carrying any band names without doing business with you. He will think if you are the right partner for him!
  4. Willing to communicate with a potential supplier. A customer will inquiry or RFQ(Request for quotation) from websites and immediately disappear when getting some useful info. Yes, only some. A good supplier will always communicate with you and provide you the right info about production, material storage and/or other important info. Without communication with them, how can you get all the info?
  5. Visiting you. Do not be surprised when a potential supplier requests to visit you with only a few emails communication. He may plan to visit the city near you and put you in the lists. Or, just to check if you are really good enough as your email. Even, he want to start to sell in your area by selling to you…Think and give them the right info.

Tips: Give them the right phone number for contacting, a public email is provided. You can tell them that you will keep in touch and updated for news. Do not push for business. It is simple!