What will we do on the first day of working after Chinese Lunar New Year?

What will we do on the first day of working after Chinese Lunar New Year? Let us check that now.

Our company is in Guangzhou and I would like to share with you some of the special rules in our local-

1.  Pray for good business. Most of the companies or factories will pray for good business before Duddha – GuanGong. Wish him will bring us good luck and wealth in this coming year.

Best wishes for business

2.  The firecrackers were crackling and spluttering. The firecrackers will indicate that we are in a new start.

3.  Red Envelops. Of course, this is very important for everybody – The boss, the managers, and even the regular staff. Almost everybody could get a envelop from the company. You may be interested that, how much it will be in? Most of the companies would put 50RMB or 100RMB. That is like 7.5USD or 15USD. And the ones who are not married yet can ask for red envelops from the ones who get married. Strange? Yeah. This rule is very common in Guangzhou. I am from Hunan and there is not a rule like this there.

Happy New Year of the Pig!

4.  Happy New Year again! Most of the foreigners will feel very strange on this. Why? It is easy. The Spring Festival lasts 15 days. We are back to work now and it is still in the New Year! It is the right time to say Happy New Year to everybody and best wishes. Then we will talk and get new things listed with laugher

5.  Cleaning. There is dust and dirty in the chairs and offices. We shall do some cleaning.

6.  Meeting. The boss and managers will hold meetings to talk about the plans. That is more to talk about the future. And, the orders or difficulties around.