The days were hard but it is better now

We are late

We had been in office for your orders this time in the past decades. But we are sorry to let you know that we are late this year. Yes, we are late in office. Our purpose is to protect our workers and office staff from the horrible coronavirus. Keep them in their own homes and separate them from crowds. As you know, the virus will be transmitted human to human through touching or shaking hands, or even without doing any of these.

Words about coronavirus

You can google or search in other engine for more info about coronavirus which was first reported in Wuhan. But I will let you know something first –

  1. It has an incubation period of 7 – 14 days. Some even do not know he was infected and went out without protection. Then more people were infected.
  2. It will infect people without touching or shaking hands. This means it is aerial infection!
  3. No good specific medicine yet(till this article publish).
  4. More and more people infected, and they are waiting to be treated.

What is the status now in China?

Today is Feb 4, 2020. All China detailed for you as below by the announced numbers –

Most of the infected people are from Wuhan or we say Hubei. Actually Wuhan is a city in Hubei province. The numbers for other provinces are raising every day. This happened during the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival. Many people are moving. This caused the numbers raise for other provinces.

It is right decision for the government emerged the Wuhan city. Or there would be more and more people from other provinces would get infected.

The Chinese government cares more about this than anything else and we are sure the viruses will soon be done.

To make a conclusion, I will write down as below-

  • The number for infected people is still raising;
  • The cured is becoming more and more;
  • The death number is reducing;
  • The government is taking measures to control the situation.
  • Things are going better.

You can check the live data here for the infected, suspected, dead and cured –

How about my orders?

We are sorry that the coronavirus caused something out of control. To be honest with you, we do not have an exact date for the pass-year orders. Our staff are from Hunan, Guangxi and Sichuan province. They are not from Hubei. They are good so far. Our managers called them one by one and they expressed the thanks for asking. We will put all orders in production once the government gives us good news. Hopefully we can start our production on Feb 10,2020. If we can do as our plan, there would be like 1-2 weeks delay for the current orders at hand.

Some suggestions for you

  1. Try to plan your order as soon as possible. The earlier you sent to us, and the sooner we put into our production line. As you know, the materials will take time too. We have to communicate and get the materials before production.
  2. The delivery time is not fixed. We cannot count the production capacity and give you exact delivery date. But we can count and estimate the date for you.
  3. We will make production per our current order status and the future orders. First come and first served.
  4. It is safe to receive a letter or a package from China. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting 2019-nCov. Coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages. It takes weeks for containers to pass the seas or oceans. There should be no worry on that, either.