What is the LCD Difference for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s?

A lot of customers are wondering – What are the difference between iPhone 5 LCD, iPhone 5C LCD and iPhone 5S LCD assembly? mmhm, it seems a difficult question to answer. iPhone 5 LCD is the same as iPhone 5? No! So, the iPhone 5C should be the same as iPhone 5s. Maybe yes. OK, let us take a look at the below picture which conbines the photo for iPhone 5 LCD, iPhone 5C LCD and iPhone 5S LCD.

iPhone 5,5C,5S LCD

iPhone 5,5C and 5S LCD

 Let us start one by one to check:   

  • the size of the LCD
  • the home key
  • the screw holes
  • flex cable of the LCD
  • Flex socket / contact pins
  • LCD frame

I have picture only for the back side of the iPhone 5 series LCD. But this does not matter. You will get all the difference of iPhone 5 LCD, iPhone 5C LCD and iPhone 5S LCD.

iPhone 5C and 5S LCD

iPhone 5C ,iPhone 5S LCD

So, you can see, they are totally different one from another. How can they be compatible?

Wait, iPhone 5C LCD is the same as iPhone 5S LCD? I cannot see the difference. Let us go down.

iPhone 5C LCD and iPhone 5S LCD

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S LCD

Know About Different Type of Ipad Cases and Buy As Per Your Needs

The demand of using expensive gadgets are all time high many of us love to use latest devices, at the same time you must be looking for good ipad cases that can really give a better care to your device. Thus starts the journey of finding the perfect case for your iPad. The point to keep in mind while ravaging the market for the perfect case is that, you are not aiming to find the best one ever made.

What you want is the one that suits your every need in the best way possible. So keeping this in mind, let us take a look at some of the best options presently available for buying your covers for your devices.

Here are some different types of best ipad cases that i would like to recommend for your device.

iPad case

iPad case

The candy changeable: This case lives up to the interest that its name generates. It allows the iPad to slide within its fold simply and contentedly. Furthermore, it can be fold back if the owner of the iPad 2 needs to type or even stand upright if and when necessary.

The Speck Folio: This iPad case is not only slim and sleek it is fairly sole in the method that it holds your iPad as well. Once you have put the iPad in the cover, you can simply fold the Speck in various ways without once endanger the protection of your device. Be it typing, browsing or entertainment purposes like movie-viewing, this iPad case can be sloping according for all purpose, to outfit your requirements.

The Ultra light and Hard Shell: This case, also known as the spine, is manufactured or designed by Incipio. From colour to style, this case is built for those who want a case that is easy yet fashionable. It fits the iPad like a second skin and is made of polycarbonate, making it tough and strong.


iPad mini case

iPad mini case

Genuine Leather Cases: I would strongly recommend buying leather ipad cases as it will protect you from various things like physical damage, from water damage, scratches; it will also give you a professional look. This case creates the ideal classy and sophisticated look for those who are part of the hardcore corporate globe.

What are the points to one should look for in a suitable iPad case:

1. While choosing the best iPad case for your exact requirements, remember that expediency is definitely the key. Select a case that gives adequate protection and is likely to last for a long time.

2. If you are the type that loves to take your iPad all over with you, be it the pool or even rarely the beach, it is best to find yourself a cover that is waterproof.

3. Also, if you are investing into a good and reliable iPad case, it is best to find one that is not prone to scratch and does not gather dust too effortlessly, as these might turn into staid problems for usual utilize.

LiderCase is one stop solution for buying range of latest style ipad cases, we are the leading manufacturer of different type of covers for devices such as ipad, tablet, iphone.

All you must know About Your Expensive devices Different Type of Case

If you have buy your latest smart phone and looking to buy leather cases for your devices like ipad, iphone, you are at the right place to get all the required information before you but it. After buying such an expensive phone, its security is obviously the utmost concern for the buyer. Along with providing security to your stylish and costly device, mobile cases also improve its looks. There are range of different style colourful cases are available in the market these days, so while choosing it you must take care about some basic things like, is it just a good looking case only or it is really going to protect your device.

If you are holding your phone with cool leather cover than that is sure that many of your friends and people who see may ask you that from where you that cool cover. So holding a unique thing will make you stand at different place from other.

At the same time security of your phone must be the key priority for you. The market these days are flooded with lots of choices, so i thing buying a plastic and cheap cover is not a good idea because it will only make your device look nicer but may not take care better than leather cases, leather cases are always good as it will take care of your devices from water, physical damage and scratches too. So here i would like to talk about different type of cases.

Leather iPhone Cases

iPhone 5/ 5s case
iPhone 5 case








If you are a quality lover and wants to buy classy iphone leather case for your gadget than leather case is a best choice. They are very caring compare to other covers, the other good thing is when you have spend a big money for buying device like iphone than its protection is highly important so you must go with leather covers only.


Simple Plastic Cover

If you are a girl and love to use different color cover for your iphone than plastic cover is the best one for you but remember it will not give a better care to your phone like a leather cases, you can buy a complete set and use them alternatively depending upon the color of your dress. Some people also like to match mobile cover with their watch, jewelry, or other wearing accessories.

Metal iPhone Cases

iPhone case wholesale
iPhone case wholesale








Metallic cases will give you are great look to your iphone but as it is metal it will increase the weight of your phone and some time it may give a scratch to your iphone so i would not recommend to buy a metal case for any devices, this type of cases are better using in holding visiting cards, creadit cards, and other accessories.

Rubber iPhone Cases

iPhone case
iPhone case








After the leather cases i would recommend to buy rubber cases as its soft and give a good protection to your case from crashes and falls. But the negative points of these covers are it catches dust very quickly so i would likely less recommend it.