Precious ScrewDriver Sets for Mobile Phone Repair

ScrewDriver Set for Mobile Phone Repair

It is a single screwdriver set for mobile phone repair. For wholesale only.

The screwdriver set is made up of –
1. Cover
2. 4 heads: You can customize 4 head with the 15 heads detailed above.
3. Metal body: you can also customize the color for this.
4. Fastener
5. Head place (it does not include any. the head there is for demo. 4 heads in total for a set.)

Works with iPhone, Samsung or other android mobile phone repair.
It is also good for dailly use of repair glass, watch or other small gadgets.

the head is made of special steel with even longer life than our competitors’. Normally this screwdriver set will last 3-5 years.

Conbined with 4 different heads. The wholesaler can select the best ones.
Customized logo is available in production.
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

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Ideal Replacement Stylus for iPad, Best Anti-mistouch Pencil available now

Stylus pen for iPad
Stylus pen for iPad

High quality performance stylus pen, sensitive and smooth;
With battery indicator;
1.5mm fine tip;
Compatible with iPad 2018 or later version;
Suitble for mapping, office and game;
With Type C charging port;
It takes 80-100mins for a full charge;
Aluminum alloy body;
Measure: 165.5*9.04mm, dia 1.5mm for Nib;
Colors: White, Black;
Weight: 13.4g, right weight for long time use.

Precise, anti-touch, Anti-offset, with tilt painting.

Stylus pen
Stylus pen
Stylus pen compatible
Stylus pen compatible

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Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale Guangzhou China

Mobile Phone Repair tools wholesale – It is very important to get a phone repaired when the phone LCD screen is broken, charger port does not work. Or, a big problem with the inner PCB mainboard. It will save you money when repair your mobile phone instead of buying a new one.

Repair service will operated by a professional tech engineer. He will look into the problems inside the old mobile phone no matter is is Samsung,Huawei, Mi, One Plus or Apple with his professional mobile phone repair tools.

Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale
But, you know the repair tools he may use in this mobile phone repair process? Let us check one by one to see.
  1. Multi-meter
  2. Pry tools
  3. Glues/UV Glues/Violet Light
  4. ScrewDrivers /ScrewDrivers set
  5. Electric Emplify lamp / Mobile Working LED Light
  6. Mobile phone Repair Microscope
  7. LCD seperator
  8. Cell Phone Battery Tester
  9. Welding Machine / SMD Solder / Hot air Rework Station / Solder / 
  10. Desoldering Machine
  11. Automatic Laminating and Defoaming Machine
  12. Flux / solder tips
  13. Digital Variable DC Power Supply

As a Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale supplier, Lider has rich experience in this line. We are confident that we can supply you the best phone repair tools!

We aim on long term business relationship with a win-win partner. Good quality to meet customer’s standard, reasonable price with fast delivery, cheep shipping costs are our advantages in the pasts decades. We invest in R&D, engineers and QC process. This is our confidence in business. Be with us! We will do the same with you!

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    the Best and useful Audio Y Cable Splitter Adapter wholesale

    You need this Audio Y cable adapter or converter if you own a notebook or phone to covert. With these Audio Adapters you can –

    1. Convert 2-port notebook or computer to a phone jacket, so you can use your phone headsets or earbuds;
    2. Convert 1-port notebook or phone to 2-port notebook or computer headset, so you can use that;
    3. Share your phone music with friends or lover staying at home or traveling.

    Please see them as below in details.

    EarPhone Extension Cable
    EarPhone Extension Cable
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm audio jack to-dual female audio plug splitter
    3.5mm audio jack to-dual female audio plug splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    Phone Audio Splitter Cable 3.5mm
    Phone Audio Splitter Cable 3.5mm
    Color Extension Cable Jack 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to 2 Female Mic Y Splitter AUX cable
    Color Extension Cable Jack 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to 2 Female Mic Y Splitter AUX cable

    Did not get the right one you want? Let us know and we will source for you. Lider will serve you with our decade experience in this line and our own channel and quality system.

      3-in-1 Magsafe Wireless Charger

      3-in-1 Magsafe Wireless Charger
      3-in-1 Magsafe Wireless Charger

      3-in-1 Magsafe Wireless charger wholesale for iPhone, iOS watch, android and more

      Charge your phones or other devices at the same time with 3 sockets;
      Up to 15W charge;
      Fast and rapid in charging;
      Foldable, suitable for office, home or travel;
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      Lider Provides you all wireless phone chargers for iPhone/Android. If you want to be updated with our latest phone accessories or tech products, please email us and we will inform you once there is a new product. Thank you.

      Type C to 3.5mm Aux Cable for Huawei Wholesale from China Manufactuer

      Type C to 3.5mm Aux cable wholesale, get this type C to 3.5mm Aux cable for huawei when you are using your speakers, car! Play music directly from your mobile phone!

      Type C to 3.5mm Aux Cable Wholesale

      Very easy to use. Put the type C connector to your Huawei mobile phone and the 3.5mm Aux jacket to your speaker. Just play!
      1M cable. This 1M will not make you messy. Make your eye clean and easy.
      High quality and in speed transmit. With inside IC to ensure a high quality transmit, and the copper will make the sound even true and clear.
      Different colors available. Tired of silver and black? No worry, we have other colors. Check the photo for our current colors of Type C to 3.5mm aux cable.

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      sales (at)
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