Lider – Professional Cell Phone accessories and repair parts provider and wholesaler

Lider Industrial Ltd is the wholesaler and manufacturer for cell phone accessoires and spare parts with more than 10 years of experience in this line. Lider offers Mobile Phone accessories for smartphone and tablets, which includes:

– Alcatel Accessories
– Blackberry Accessories
iPhone Accessories
Samsung Accessories
And more.

Our product catalog are as below:

Mobile Batteries – full line of cell phone batteries for Samsung, iPhone,iPad,Huawei and more.

Cell Phone Chargers – Offer Samsung, iPhone,iPad and other smart phone or Tablet travel chargers, home chargers and car chargers. We also offer dual,triple or 4 USB ports travel chargers.

Data Cables – wholesale data cables for samsung,iPhone and other smart phones or tablets in colors.

LCD & Touch screen for replacement – Try to involve this replacement business and get no worries on the warranty? Contact Lider now. Lider offer original replacement LCDs or touch screens digitizers at great wholesale pricing.

Mobile Repair tools – Need a full line of repair tools for your repair center? Need SMD working station, Solder, flux, screwdrivers, LCD sperators and more? Contact us now.