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Mobile Phone Repair tools wholesale – It is very important to get a phone repaired when the phone LCD screen is broken, charger port does not work. Or, a big problem with the inner PCB mainboard. It will save you money when repair your mobile phone instead of buying a new one.

Repair service will operated by a professional tech engineer. He will look into the problems inside the old mobile phone no matter is is Samsung,Huawei, Mi, One Plus or Apple with his professional mobile phone repair tools.

Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale
But, you know the repair tools he may use in this mobile phone repair process? Let us check one by one to see.
  1. Multi-meter
  2. Pry tools
  3. Glues/UV Glues/Violet Light
  4. ScrewDrivers /ScrewDrivers set
  5. Electric Emplify lamp / Mobile Working LED Light
  6. Mobile phone Repair Microscope
  7. LCD seperator
  8. Cell Phone Battery Tester
  9. Welding Machine / SMD Solder / Hot air Rework Station / Solder / 
  10. Desoldering Machine
  11. Automatic Laminating and Defoaming Machine
  12. Flux / solder tips
  13. Digital Variable DC Power Supply

As a Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale supplier, Lider has rich experience in this line. We are confident that we can supply you the best phone repair tools!

We aim on long term business relationship with a win-win partner. Good quality to meet customer’s standard, reasonable price with fast delivery, cheep shipping costs are our advantages in the pasts decades. We invest in R&D, engineers and QC process. This is our confidence in business. Be with us! We will do the same with you!

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    the Best and useful Audio Y Cable Splitter Adapter wholesale

    You need this Audio Y cable adapter or converter if you own a notebook or phone to covert. With these Audio Adapters you can –

    1. Convert 2-port notebook or computer to a phone jacket, so you can use your phone headsets or earbuds;
    2. Convert 1-port notebook or phone to 2-port notebook or computer headset, so you can use that;
    3. Share your phone music with friends or lover staying at home or traveling.

    Please see them as below in details.

    EarPhone Extension Cable
    EarPhone Extension Cable
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm audio jack to-dual female audio plug splitter
    3.5mm audio jack to-dual female audio plug splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    3.5mm Y splitter
    Phone Audio Splitter Cable 3.5mm
    Phone Audio Splitter Cable 3.5mm
    Color Extension Cable Jack 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to 2 Female Mic Y Splitter AUX cable
    Color Extension Cable Jack 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to 2 Female Mic Y Splitter AUX cable

    Did not get the right one you want? Let us know and we will source for you. Lider will serve you with our decade experience in this line and our own channel and quality system.

      3-in-1 Data Cable wholesale for iPhone and Android Phones

      3-in-1 data cable wholesale for iPhone and android phones

      3-in-1 data cable wholesale for iPhone and android phones. Our multi-data cable with 3 different connectors for different phones – iPhone, Type C androlid phones and Micro android Phones.

      So, just a cable for almost all popular phones. No matter it is iPhone or it is other android phones as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.

      This cable support up to 12V and 4A max. It is easy to charge your phone with normal charger at 5V 2A or a bit higher 9V 2A. It can support up to 40W to fit your super charger!

      The length is 1M. Normal USB A to 3 connectors as lightning, type C and Micro.

      We have 4 colors as photo shown. If you need other colors and we can also custimize for you with our MOQ.

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      What a good charger will bring you?

      When you are buying a travel charger, car charger or even a wireless power bank charger, you will doubt the quality if the band name is not good enough for you to recognize. What is a good charger for your phone? Let us make things simple and check as below:

      1. Input Protection: No matter the travel charger or the car charger, this is a must for it. It is for safety purpose. It will avoid electronic shock from AC or getting fire by transfer the 90-240V AC or 12/24V DC to the right voltage to your phone.
      2. Output protection: This is a bit complicated. No matter the travel charger or the car charger, it should provide the right voltage and currency for the phone to charge. If no protection for output, the charger will still keep charging the phone! As the worst result, the phone cannot stop the charge and it will cause fire or smoke just by continuous charge!Things would be different if the charger or phone has a protection!
      3. Stable Currency: The charge will put more currency when it begins to charge the phone, less in the middle and 0 at the end. Why I say stable here? It will always keep the same? Of course no! The stable currency means that, it will meet the charging currency for the phone needs. For example, at the beginning the phone requires 1.8A and 5V, which is the right currency that phone needs to put its max charge. Suddenly the currency goes to 2.5A or more. It would be bad for the batteries even it does not cause explode or fire.
      4. Stable voltage: the same importance as the stable currency.
      5. With fuse: Of course the IC cannot protect your phone fully when lightning in a stormy day. But a fuse can burn and protect your phone when there goes a 10X input currency or voltage.
      6. Burning protection: A good charger will select good plastic materials which will help you when the charge has a problem itself. It will protect your charger itself from burning. The worst is that it will cause smoke and will not get fire.
      7. Life time: A good charger can last 5 years or more without any problem. A cheep one may remain only 3 months. And the good one can make your phone work well. A bad cheep charger may lead your phone to a short life.

      Comments? Questions? Please leave your ideas below. We would be happy with your words. Thank you!

      Audio 3.5mm and lightning adapter for iPhone available

      Our latest adapter for iPhone is available now!

      It is a dual adapter with 3.5mm audio on one end and lightning adapter as the other. The 3.5mm audio adapter and the lightning connector can work at the same time. What’s more, we also get the bluetooth version for this style.

      Please check the photos as below:

      3.5mm audio and lightning charge adapter for iPhone
      bluetooth version - 3.5mm audio adapter and lightning charge adapter

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