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Mobile Phone Repair tools wholesale – It is very important to get a phone repaired when the phone LCD screen is broken, charger port does not work. Or, a big problem with the inner PCB mainboard. It will save you money when repair your mobile phone instead of buying a new one.

Repair service will operated by a professional tech engineer. He will look into the problems inside the old mobile phone no matter is is Samsung,Huawei, Mi, One Plus or Apple with his professional mobile phone repair tools.

Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale
But, you know the repair tools he may use in this mobile phone repair process? Let us check one by one to see.
  1. Multi-meter
  2. Pry tools
  3. Glues/UV Glues/Violet Light
  4. ScrewDrivers /ScrewDrivers set
  5. Electric Emplify lamp / Mobile Working LED Light
  6. Mobile phone Repair Microscope
  7. LCD seperator
  8. Cell Phone Battery Tester
  9. Welding Machine / SMD Solder / Hot air Rework Station / Solder / 
  10. Desoldering Machine
  11. Automatic Laminating and Defoaming Machine
  12. Flux / solder tips
  13. Digital Variable DC Power Supply

As a Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale supplier, Lider has rich experience in this line. We are confident that we can supply you the best phone repair tools!

We aim on long term business relationship with a win-win partner. Good quality to meet customer’s standard, reasonable price with fast delivery, cheep shipping costs are our advantages in the pasts decades. We invest in R&D, engineers and QC process. This is our confidence in business. Be with us! We will do the same with you!

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    How Many Machines You Need for Mobile Screen Repair or Refurbish?

    How many machines you need for mobile screen repair or refurbish? How about the big screens like Apple iPad, Samsung or other tablets? How can I know all the machines for my repair shop? … You may have too many questions regarding phone or tablet screen repair.  Let us check them.

    How many steps we need for replacement of the broken mobile phone screen and fix it?

    • We have to take out the bad screen and get ride of the glue;
    • We have to put glue and the new glass or touch.

    We can make Mobile LCD screen Repair Process in details as below:

    • Separate the bad glass from the LCD screen;
    • Get rid of the glue;
    • Put the new glue on the old LCD;
    • Put on the new glass;
    • Press that and make it bulb free;
    • Test that and finish.

    So, we need all mobile phone LCD screen repair machines I suggest you to take as below:

    1. Frozen LCD separator machine – It can be used for both plain LCD screen as iPhone and Curved LCDs as samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Please note that, the curved LCD screen machine cannot be separated by heating as Apple iPhone LCD Screen was done. It will damage the LCD! But this frozen LCD machine would be good enough for both plain and curved.
    2. Big screen separator – This LCD screen separator can repair up to 14 inch screens as iPad series and Samsung tablet series. It can also be used for small screens as iPhone. So, it is an ideal machine for regular plain screen repair.
    3. 3-in-1 curved touch screen film machine: It is used for the LCD Screens with curved edge.
    4. Laminating machine – It is for bubble free and vacamm.
    5. Manual 5-in-1 machine – It is for Samsung series frame removal and assembly.

    With these LCD screen machines, you can repair up to 98% of the LCD screens available in the market. The repair business for the LCD screens will bring you even more profit and revenue in your mobile phone accessories and repair business.

    Need more information on the mobile phone or tablet screen repair machines? Contact Lider now and we will get back to you with the prices and sample info.

    How to avoid the loss in mobile repair

    iPhone 6 / 6s LCD repair

    iPhone 6 / 6s LCD repair

    Mmm, I am sorry to write this stupid topic at beginning because it only helps the green hands.

    1.You need to check the broken LCDs at the very beginning. If the iPhone or Samsung LCD only breaks at the front glass, you can just take it out carefully without the inner LCD digitizer or flex cable break. As you know, you can send all the replacement LCDs for iPhone or Samsung at once to a mobile phone recycling company. They will send you check or cash by return.

    2.Test the iPhone,Samsung or other smart phone LCD before your replacement of the bad LCDs. Generally speaking, it will avoid your trouble with your supplier or your own trouble when you notice that you have put a bad LCD again after several hours of working. Most of Chinese mobile phone LCD factories or suppliers would not be responsible for LCD assembly defect after installation. They think you may harm the flex cables or the LCDs during the replacement process. If you test the mobile phone LCD before your installing, you can find if it works or not – the touch, cameras,LCD colors,dead pix and try as much as more. It will cost you a little more time but you will save a lot of time when you fix the LCD and install it when you find there is a problem with the new replacement LCD.

    3.Proper installation. As a professional, you have to tend all the parts and the new LCD you are going to install. Of course, the most important, you have to operate in the right way.

    Need to know more details about mobile phone accessories, inner replacement LCDs or parts and repair tools? Contact us and we will share more with you.

    Lider 2016 CNY Vacation

    Thank you,all customers and partners, for your support in year 2015 and happy new year to you! Thank you for your trust, encouragement, help and communication. As the new year starts tomorrow, wish you a fruitful new year 2016!

    As the Chinese New Year Monkey is around the corner. We are planning the Chinese Lunar New Year vacation notice for your reference as below:

    1. Cases factory: Jan 31 – Feb 15,2015
    2. Chargers factory: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015
    3. Injection: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015

    4. Guangzhou office and warehouse: Jan 26 – Feb 15, 2015

    It is a traditional long new year vacation and if there is any changes, we shall inform you. Thank you and let’s make year 2016 a wondful one!

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    • LCD assembly machine;
    • Working Station (heat guns);
    • Solder;
    • Screwdriver;
    • and much more.

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