Lider 2016 CNY Vacation

Thank you,all customers and partners, for your support in year 2015 and happy new year to you! Thank you for your trust, encouragement, help and communication. As the new year starts tomorrow, wish you a fruitful new year 2016!

As the Chinese New Year Monkey is around the corner. We are planning the Chinese Lunar New Year vacation notice for your reference as below:

1. Cases factory: Jan 31 – Feb 15,2015
2. Chargers factory: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015
3. Injection: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015

4. Guangzhou office and warehouse: Jan 26 – Feb 15, 2015

It is a traditional long new year vacation and if there is any changes, we shall inform you. Thank you and let’s make year 2016 a wondful one!

Lider Group Inc

Lider Leather Products Factory

Who is Lider Leather Products Factory? Lider is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler for small leather products as cell phone cases, pouches, name card holders, passport holders and so on. Lider Leather Products Factory was established in year 2006 and it is one of the leading suppliers in China.

Leather Products from Lider are popular because:
– Selected materials;
– Experienced manufacturing staff;
– Strict QC;
– Timely delivery.

These are the key feathers in the production system. Welcome all the leather cases buyers to contact Lider Leather Products Factory for wholesale and cooperation!

Contact Details:
– Add: No 2-2,Central Street,Datian,Jianggao Town, Bayun Dis, Guangzhou, 510450, China
– Tel: +8620 2982 2585 / +8620 2982 2580
– Email: lider (@) (Please delete () when sending emails.)

Three Important Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case Best Design Factors

Most of us are crazy about using costly smart phone and when it comes to buy leather cases there are range of verities are available in the market that will give your smartphone more cute and give a new look that will help you increase your phone a professional look.

I would strongly recommend to buy leather made cases as it can protect your phone better way not only from outside but from inside as well. So what are the major factors that you should considered when buying covers for Samsung Galaxy S5.


S5 case

Samsung Galaxy S5 case

Many case manufacturers all around the world are asking this question, as they scramble to have a case ready before the s5 is available on the shelves, that will be around 15 April 2014. There are many cases that will be accessible for the Galaxy S5 when it is available for sell. The cases that will be most thriving are those that have a focus on what customer need and how users use their Galaxy S5. Based on almost 20 years of mobile phone and accessory sales, there are three vital factors manufacturers must take note of when designing a leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The three factors to deem in designing the best Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case are:

1)      Protection

2)      Style

3)      Weight and Feel

The first factor is one of the most important the leather quality will take care of your precious device from all side and another good thing is it will also take care from water and scratches. Leather made cases will always take care of your devices from physical damage as well.

If you like a professional look than leather case is the only option so if you want a sophisticated look than leather case is the best option. I think there are range of cute iphone cases available in the market those are made from cheap plastic but that cannot give a protection to your device like leather.

The Samsung S5 is one of the lightest on the market for its size, weighing a mere 140 grams. With this fact in mind, the case should not add too much weight and be made from light quality leather. Using cow or kangaroo leather is extremely suggested.


All you must know About Your Expensive devices Different Type of Case

If you have buy your latest smart phone and looking to buy leather cases for your devices like ipad, iphone, you are at the right place to get all the required information before you but it. After buying such an expensive phone, its security is obviously the utmost concern for the buyer. Along with providing security to your stylish and costly device, mobile cases also improve its looks. There are range of different style colourful cases are available in the market these days, so while choosing it you must take care about some basic things like, is it just a good looking case only or it is really going to protect your device.

If you are holding your phone with cool leather cover than that is sure that many of your friends and people who see may ask you that from where you that cool cover. So holding a unique thing will make you stand at different place from other.

At the same time security of your phone must be the key priority for you. The market these days are flooded with lots of choices, so i thing buying a plastic and cheap cover is not a good idea because it will only make your device look nicer but may not take care better than leather cases, leather cases are always good as it will take care of your devices from water, physical damage and scratches too. So here i would like to talk about different type of cases.

Leather iPhone Cases

iPhone 5/ 5s case
iPhone 5 case








If you are a quality lover and wants to buy classy iphone leather case for your gadget than leather case is a best choice. They are very caring compare to other covers, the other good thing is when you have spend a big money for buying device like iphone than its protection is highly important so you must go with leather covers only.


Simple Plastic Cover

If you are a girl and love to use different color cover for your iphone than plastic cover is the best one for you but remember it will not give a better care to your phone like a leather cases, you can buy a complete set and use them alternatively depending upon the color of your dress. Some people also like to match mobile cover with their watch, jewelry, or other wearing accessories.

Metal iPhone Cases

iPhone case wholesale
iPhone case wholesale








Metallic cases will give you are great look to your iphone but as it is metal it will increase the weight of your phone and some time it may give a scratch to your iphone so i would not recommend to buy a metal case for any devices, this type of cases are better using in holding visiting cards, creadit cards, and other accessories.

Rubber iPhone Cases

iPhone case
iPhone case








After the leather cases i would recommend to buy rubber cases as its soft and give a good protection to your case from crashes and falls. But the negative points of these covers are it catches dust very quickly so i would likely less recommend it.