Solar Power Bank? Another kind of joke

As the phones are equipped with smaller batteries and larger screens, a power bank is a useful tool to back up when the power is going to be off. That is wonderful.

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

My friend show me a solar PowerBank. He told me this is a eco-friendly PowerBank, of course, solar power bank. Just like the eco-driven watches, it will absorb the sunshine and transfer it to power stored inside Power Bank. I smiled and said to him, it is a high-tech toy but it will not help you so much as you expected when your PowerBank is out of power.

He doubted what I said. I said to him, we can have a test for that. We can use up all the capacity of it now. And we put it in sunshine and test that.

We empty the power bank with charging my iPhone 6 and his Samsung Galaxy S6. We tried to charge another phone samsung S5 and the power bank could not be up to charge.

It is noon time and we put in the sunsine for about 60 mins. When we took that back, and try to charge our Samsung S5 again. It did work but that only lasted 5 mins.

How and why this happen? my friend asked.

It is a high-tech joke for you, I said. The solar light charging technology is not so helpful as a charger. Because the solar pannel absorbs the sunlight and transfer it to power stored into PowerBank. The currency is like 200 – 300mah max. This shows that, a power bank with 10,000mah, we charge that one hour, it would charge 500mah(we make this bigger than actual just to show the speed). It will take 20 hours to charge it full. Don’t forget, we count as 500mah/hour for the currency and the best time – noon to charge. You cannot always charge these 20 hours at noon.

So there comes to you – it is a good technogy but you cannot use solar charging for daily use, I said to my friend. When you are travelling, it is better to charge your power bank fully before you starts. It is not a perfect technogy to carry without a full charge. Or, it is a joke when you need to charge your phone badly without another better choice.

Lider 2016 CNY Vacation

Thank you,all customers and partners, for your support in year 2015 and happy new year to you! Thank you for your trust, encouragement, help and communication. As the new year starts tomorrow, wish you a fruitful new year 2016!

As the Chinese New Year Monkey is around the corner. We are planning the Chinese Lunar New Year vacation notice for your reference as below:

1. Cases factory: Jan 31 – Feb 15,2015
2. Chargers factory: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015
3. Injection: Jan 26 – Feb 15,2015

4. Guangzhou office and warehouse: Jan 26 – Feb 15, 2015

It is a traditional long new year vacation and if there is any changes, we shall inform you. Thank you and let’s make year 2016 a wondful one!

Lider Group Inc

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

First, I would like to extend my thanks for all the visits here for this blog, which is a conbination of our working and thinking in the past months.

We would like to start a blog as a platform for all of our staff, customers and friends to share the ideas and minds in cellular accessories! This idea was supported by our director and all Lider Staff. Thus, you could see our first pages here with a lot of words but no pictures or photos.

We would share with you for more ideas of our new products and the updated information in our Cellular accessories industry.

Thanks for visiting and hope your next visit again after a few weeks!