Q-SIM3 Latest Version Release – Unlock iPhone iOS 11.0.3 4G / LTE

The latest version of Q SIM 3 was released and it is compatible with the latest iOS 11.0.3. The Q SIM3 is compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6P/6s/7/7P/8/8P/X and more. Very easy to install! Please contact Lider for more details and prices!

Q SIM 3 Wholesale Supplier

Q SIM 3 Wholesale Supplier

Q SIM3 Wholesale

Q SIM3 Wholesale

Q SIM3 Turbo SIM Wholesale

Q SIM3 Turbo SIM Wholesale

Please visit the demo video as below–

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Apple Patching ICCID Vulnerability to Block iPhone Unlock Tool

ICCID is the only ID for your SIM card and Apple has patched ICCID vulnerability to block iPhone unlock. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to the locked iPhone users. Please note:

1. If you had a locked iPhone, you will not be able to unlock iPhone using a turbo SIM any more unless the next generation of unlock is available.
2. If you have reset the iPhone, you will not be able to unlock iPhone with the same turbo SIM + SIM card again.
3. If you are using an unlocked iPhone, you cannot use another SIM with the same turbo SIM in this phone.
4. If you are upgrading your iOS with iTunes , you will not be able to activate your iPhone with the upgrade.
Unlock iPhone

Unlock iPhone

So, if you are an user with turbo SIM unlocked iOS –
Just keep it as it is and do not try to upgrade the iOS. This will avoid you trouble.
If you have a locked iPhone, and try to unlock the iPhone –
Please use a cloud unlock and do not use turbo SIM to unlock that.
If you are a turbo SIM unlock sales, please try not to activate your iPhone by turbo SIM till next generation of unlock for ICCID.

New Latest Q SIM for iOS11

You can unlock any carrier locked iPhone and any GSM network worldwide!

No programming, no setup, just put the Q SIM with SIM card and it will work automatically!

Compatible with all the latest iPhones with iOS 11 or lower version as below –

iPhone 5/5C/5S/5SE
iPhone 6/6 Plus
iPhone 6s/6s Plus
iPhone 7/7 Plus
iPhone 8/8 Plus

All carrier supported! Unlock your T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon,or any other courier from any country!

Please note, Q SIM CANNOT remove your iCloud lock or the iPhone is blacklisted.