Guangzhou cell phone accessories and parts market

Guangzhou mobile phone accessories wholesale market

Guangzhou mobile phone accessories wholesale market

As you know, China made great progress in the past 30 years for living and marketing. It will bring convenience to foreigners who will come to buy in China because there are a lot of wholesale markets in China. I have been living in Guangzhou for 15 years and the Guangzhou wholesale markets will guide many of my friends or customers.

Guangzhou is a international business center. The people here are kind and easy to contact with. You can easily find the market in Guangzhou for Cell phone accessories and parts, computer accessories, underwear and sockets, footwear and clothings, fabric, textiles, printing machines, bags, hotel and restaurant products, toys,constructions,Gifts,artworks, watches and clocks, cosmetics and dressings, car parts, furniture and more.

It is easy for a new business purchaser to get the wholesale products in Guangzhou. What’s more, the wholesale markets are very near. Normally, it will take 2 hours you can go from one to another.

I personally visit Guangzhou cell phone accessories and parts market every month because I have customers or friends there. And I could say that all the market is going down year by year. I could not even find a empty booth in the market. I mean, the booth was always occupied or rented. But I could find booth for lease very easily there in the Guangzhou mobile phone accessories and parts market. They are crowded and you can see people with different accents and colors 10 years ago. Things are changed. You can find many of the kids in the market chasing in weekends. And the business owners come late after 12 and back home before 6PM.

As the online business is going up, all these markets are down a lot. But, they are still good places for a buying. Please be careful if you need good quality products and have a strict request for the approvals as UL, Rohs and so on. Many of them don’t have the certificates even they say yes. Check them before you make any decision.

Cell phone accessories and parts market in Guangzhou was a hot market in the past 10 years. It seems that it will be near its end very soon as the business is going down year by year.

Guangzhou mobile phone accessories wholesale market

Guangzhou mobile phone accessories wholesale market

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Something about iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

What do you expect for the next generation of iphone? iPhone 7. It is said that, there are 3 versions of for iPhone 7 – the regular iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Pro.

The lowest would be 32GB from iPhone 7. Maybe this is a good news for Apple fans. The iPhone 6s 16GB is really a low end toy because of the flash memory.

Apple will kill the 3.5 audio jacket and add a smart connector to the iphone for charging and data.

Let’s wait and see the new iphone 7. Maybe all the rumors will come true in September when iphone 7 releases.

How to avoid the loss in mobile repair

iPhone 6 / 6s LCD repair

iPhone 6 / 6s LCD repair

Mmm, I am sorry to write this stupid topic at beginning because it only helps the green hands.

1.You need to check the broken LCDs at the very beginning. If the iPhone or Samsung LCD only breaks at the front glass, you can just take it out carefully without the inner LCD digitizer or flex cable break. As you know, you can send all the replacement LCDs for iPhone or Samsung at once to a mobile phone recycling company. They will send you check or cash by return.

2.Test the iPhone,Samsung or other smart phone LCD before your replacement of the bad LCDs. Generally speaking, it will avoid your trouble with your supplier or your own trouble when you notice that you have put a bad LCD again after several hours of working. Most of Chinese mobile phone LCD factories or suppliers would not be responsible for LCD assembly defect after installation. They think you may harm the flex cables or the LCDs during the replacement process. If you test the mobile phone LCD before your installing, you can find if it works or not – the touch, cameras,LCD colors,dead pix and try as much as more. It will cost you a little more time but you will save a lot of time when you fix the LCD and install it when you find there is a problem with the new replacement LCD.

3.Proper installation. As a professional, you have to tend all the parts and the new LCD you are going to install. Of course, the most important, you have to operate in the right way.

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mobile phone repair parts at one-stop sourcing

Mobile Phones are so important for everybody. It is the most important partner in our daily life. We are using mobile phones for communication, chat, internet, photos, music, games and more. We are on a lonely island if we go without a mobile phone. We knows nothing about what is happening and what will be for the future. So, we take it for granted whenever we go. Even we are chatting by phone message with the guy just sitting at your front.  

We also use a smart phone for business. We call by phones, and documents may be done by phones directly and go directly from cell phones. It will bring you a lot of convenience when you are in a bus, on a train or in customer’s office. It seems that the phone history will be coming and the computers and notebooks will lose their world.

 What about that if you get your phone lcd screen cracked? Of course, you need a good lcd repair technical expert and good original replacement parts for iphone, Samsung and other smart phones.

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 About LiderAccessories Wholesale
Lideraccessories aims to provide customers with one stop source for mobile phone accessories, original replacement parts and repair tools. Lider has 3 factories under its name as Lider leather products factory, Lider Injection Plant and Lider chargers and cables. Lider offers high quality products with strict quality control. With more than 10 years of experience in mobile phone accessories business, Lider will serve all clients with even better products!