Merry Xmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of our partners, clients, suppliers, factory members and all Lider Staff! Thank you all for your intelligence, hard work and courage! Look forward to all of your cooperation in the coming year 2018! Best wishes! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


Something about iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

What do you expect for the next generation of iphone? iPhone 7. It is said that, there are 3 versions of for iPhone 7 – the regular iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Pro.

The lowest would be 32GB from iPhone 7. Maybe this is a good news for Apple fans. The iPhone 6s 16GB is really a low end toy because of the flash memory.

Apple will kill the 3.5 audio jacket and add a smart connector to the iphone for charging and data.

Let’s wait and see the new iphone 7. Maybe all the rumors will come true in September when iphone 7 releases.

iPhone 6 leather case

Watch our latest iPhone 6 cases now! Even we are doing the case with a draft dummy, you can still get the iPhone 6 leather cases. Below goes the details and please take a look.

iPhone 6 case

iPhone 6 leather case

LIDER-IF602-BK (7)-r LIDER-IF602-BK (8)-r LIDER-IF602-BK (9)-r LIDER-IF602-BK (10)-r LIDER-IF602-BK (11)-r

Replace Broken Touchscreen Glass

1.Collect broken glass on touch screen for iphone 4s/5s/s3/s4.
2. Separate the glass from the lcd touch screen by the Seperating machine
3. Clean the LCD after removing broken glass
4. replace new glass on the touch screen with glue
5. Drying the new lcd under UV light
6. Finish

Tools needed:

1. Mobile phone LCD
2. touch separating machine

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

First, I would like to extend my thanks for all the visits here for this blog, which is a conbination of our working and thinking in the past months.

We would like to start a blog as a platform for all of our staff, customers and friends to share the ideas and minds in cellular accessories! This idea was supported by our director and all Lider Staff. Thus, you could see our first pages here with a lot of words but no pictures or photos.

We would share with you for more ideas of our new products and the updated information in our Cellular accessories industry.

Thanks for visiting and hope your next visit again after a few weeks!