We are going to have our vacation for Chinese New Year (CNY) soon

All Chinese are expecting the Chinese New Year after Xmas, New Year’s Day. The traditional New Year starts on Jan 24,2020. The Spring Festival for year 2020 is likely a month earlier than last year. Traditionally the Spring Festival is our Chinese New Year for most of the Chinese. That is a long vacation for most of the people here.

We are going to plan the vacation for year 2020 as below:

Factory closed for Injection – Jan 14, 2020
Factory closed for chargers and cables – Jan 12, 2020
Office closed – Jan 15, 2020

Office open – Feb 1, 2020
Factory open – Feb 7, 2020

Thank you all the customers, friends, staff and suppliers. We are expecting a wonderful 2020 with you all.

to know the Chinese more? Just click the link. You will know lot from our tag – Lunar Chinese New Year.