Difficult iPhone 5 data cable?

We are a manufacturer in China for cell phone accessories Of course, iPhone accessories is listed in our products line. And I got a story regarding the iPhone 5 data cable.

iPhone is famous by its high tech, easy-to-do software and unique designs. You could get a lot of prooves from the 1st generation iPhone, to iPhone 3G/3Gs and iPhone 4/4S. It is a wonderful product! You may think. Just as the son is a good copy of the father, iPhone 5 was released with its high tech. It changed its accessories style for the earbud and the data cable. Here goes the story of the iPhone 5 data cable:

1. Of course, it is high tech with a even faster and stable charging speed and data transfer speed.

2. It provides more convience to the user when putting the cable in iPhone 5 for data or charge. It is not necessory for the use to identify the front and back of the data cable and then put the data cable connector to the iPhone charging port. No matter front or back, you just put the head of the connector in and it will charge or make data transfer.

3. What about if you are losing your data cable? One of our customer told us that he needs to buy data cable for iPhone 5. There goes the problem now. If he buys an original data cable, it costs like 20USD and 2USD for a fake one.

Due to the cheeper pricing, he choose a fake one. It works well with the iPhone 5 for data and charging. he is happy with the data cable and at the same time, he think he is smart enough to save some costs for the stupid data cable iPhone 5.

He updated the OS and found the data cable does not work! He can still charge his iPhone 5 with warning but he cannot download music by cable any more. what happened? He googled the information found only the original data cable could support the latest version.

What shall do? He is thinking. I can buy an original smart cable. What about my business for iPhone accessories including the iPhone 5 data cable?