iPhone 5 & 5s wallet case – the only case is for your iphone and wallet!

A good iPhone 5/5s wallet case is all you need? Yes, exactly. This wallet iPhone 5/5s case is not like other cheep PU ones. You get to go with your credit cards and money with a conbination to your case. So, it is just simple. Look ! it is below:

iPhone 5/5s wallet case

iPhone 5/5s wallet case

Lider leather products is in cellular cases design and manufacture for many years. It released a case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. it is with 2 pockets for credit cards and one for photos. There is one extra pocket for cash.  The holder for photo or credit card is with clear window and a hole to let finger go in and take out credit card or photos easily. This is something different from other design cases.

Precious cutouts for the camera and speaker bring convience for the users. You can answer callings just slide the case close.

iPhone 5/5s wallet case

iPhone 5/5s wallet case

Back view: iPhone 5/5s wallet case

iPhone 5/5s wallet case

Please go to www.lideraccessories.com for more details of this case.

How to extend your mobile phone battery life

The smart mobile phones are going slim and the batteries are in higher capacity but a shorter using time. Back to 10 years ago, the standby time for Nokia or other phones could stay 2-3 days. That is the standby time for the normal phones of that age. But now things are changed. Mobile phones are smarter but stays less. Wait, let me give you some suggestions to extend your smart phone battery life without any extra cost.

1. Turn off your mobile phone WIFI and use it as less as you can.Of course, turn off your GPS position of your phone. It will save power for longer standby time.

2. Try to stay in the places where there is good mobile phone signal. If you get a weak-signal place or place without signal, the smart phone will search the signal very often. The more times the smart phone searches, the less standby time the phone will stay.

3. Make your phone screen in a reasonable brightness. The brighter you phone is, the less time it will stay.

4. Recyle your phone battery every week. Try to make your phone out of power to dead and charge it fully once or twice every week.