Are you really ready for the CNY yet?

Chinese New Year (CNY) will be on Feb 4,2019. It seems that we still have like 50 days to go. So, there is a lot of time? It is good and we are happy.  NO, THAT IS WRONG! Why?

Every factory is planning for the CNY now. They are planning with their order status and the final delivery date to calculate the order QTYs that they can finish before their vacation.  For example, they have planned to have vacation before Jan 20 and they have full orders to Jan 15. So, they may plan and only accept small orders just to finish the 5 days. They are scaring that if they cannot finish a full big order and they have to wait almost a month and then to start! 

Most of the workers are from other provinces. Some even take days to arrive at home. As a regular rule, it is hard for them buy tickets and go at a time to their hometowns. They have to plan to go back,too. Some workers will even ask for leave a month or earlier than the CNY. They can escape from the crowded people and arrive at hometown with ease and stay more time with their parents, kids, couples and relatives.  

Every factory is focusing on current orders to finish them.  Late come and late go. This does not only include the finished products, but also the raw materials. Late come raw materials may lead to failure of the delivery time. 

So, what is the regular rule of the plan before Chinese New Year? Well, here goes some for your reference. 

CNY begins  – 10 -15 days before CNY day. Definitely the vacation would start before Jan 20, 2019 for most of the factories. And a week later for companies without factories. 

CNY ends – 7 days after CNY day. It is like Feb 11. 

 If your orders are not finished before Chinese New Year, the factory Dalaoban (Chinese, Boss) promised you to deliver on Feb 15th. I suggest you to check yourself and see with your own eyes. The plant may not in full production as normal. How can he make production and deliver in a short days? Of course, he can if the orders were finished before CNY and stayed in warehouse, or the orders are small ones. That is different. 

Plan earlier. Deliver earlier. Avoid trouble.  It is good for you – the buyer and the manufacturer (company) – the seller. 

A Good Mobile Phone Charger With a Good Use Habit

As a professional mobile phone chargers supplier in the past decade, I would NOT be surprised that chargers get fire or explosion when charging a phone, even phone explosion, destroy the room, the worst, to cause death of people. Are you serious? You may ask. I am not going to joke on this. It is true.

Mrs. Sun was waked up because there is a pop explosion at mid night. She tried to turn on the light in the bedroom to check what happened but could not get a success. Then she thought that the flashlight of the mobile phone could be of help. She was amazed to touch a hot mobile with damaged phone screen. Till this moment, she realized that she got a problem with her phone.

“I am still lucky.” She said, “If I put the phone near my bed, I would get scratches on my face by the glasses from screen and not the phone! The phone was being charged on a desk which is a bit far from my bed.”

Mrs. Sun checked everything later and found that it was the charger who gives a pop explosion. The charging cable was blown out. The metal part inside the mobile phone charger was burned to be black.

Nothing was lost except the phone and the charger in this story. You know, many potential problems will lead to this explosion. My explanations are as below:

  1. Original mobile phone chargers are subjected to wet or humid charger, long time standby or longer use life for explosion. As we know, original mobile phone chargers are the quality standard. It is easy to us to understand why a wet or humid charger will cause problems or electric shock. Long time standby without charge to phone will cause the components inside the charger to be weak and weaker. Long time standby time will reduce the mobile phone charger life. Longer use life will cause problem too. Normally we should replace the mobile phone charger every two years.
  2. Chargers are without protection. A good IC is the safe gate for mobile phone chargers. Some mobile phone accessories buyers or dealers care the prices much more than the quality they purchase. They buy chargers without full protection or even without protection. Good protections cover-
    -High input voltage protection;
    -High output voltage protection;
    -Over currency protection;
    -High temperature protection;
    -Short circuit protection;
    -Anti-fire housing material.
  3. High copy or none professional designed chargers. You know what I am saying now. I am with this industry for more than 10 years and there are some mobile phone chargers factories employ some none professional engineers. The engineers are not professional enough to design a PCB with customized costs. This will lead to problems when the users start to charge mobile phones.
  4. Some mobile phone chargers manufacturers are keen to copy the original mobile phone chargers designs and housings and name them HIGHT COPY chargers. It means that the charger housing and the PCB are the same as original phone charger. I doubt the quality of the high copy ones. How can they get the same components as original mobile phone charger? Even they can get the same band as originals how can they guarantee the same procedure? Even they are sure of everything same, how come to the big difference of price? The same components, same procedure for production, same testing and QC, everything is the same. Of course, it is the same sales price. There should not be so much difference if not the same sales price.
  5. Charge mobile phones in a hot place. A phone charger will heat when charging a mobile phone. If the place is hot, it will zoom the risk of fire or other problem.
  6. Charge mobile phones when the phone in use. This is a very bad habit when charging. As we know, strong currencies will pass the mobile phone PCB from the battery to keep the call on. The charger will also push strong currency to get the phone battery charged.

A mobile phone charger is to transform 110V, 220V or other high voltage to 5V or other low voltages.So, what shall we do for a mobile phone charger?

Mobile Phone Chargers in Testing

It is simple. We buy original mobile phone chargers or purchase a phone charger from famous band names and use them in less than 2 years!

Something About Your Best Cell Phone Accessories Supplier

How to Choose for the Best Cell Phone Accessories Supplier

If you found accessories used for cell phones as mesmerizing, you would obviously spend a big time on them since the time you acquire the Smartphone or mobile phone for the first time. However, irrespective of cell phone accessories you choose or require, you should make sure of finding the best one to bring significant improvements. Here, experts have discussed about few of the best ways to avail of accessories for cell phones.

Go for the Supplier Offering Wide Range of Products

Approach a supplier that offers wide range of accessories based on your requirements. Along with varieties of accessories, which you may require such as batteries, booster kits, phone case, headphones, chargers and Bluetooth, your chosen supplier should make them available in every brand.

Suppliers will help you by providing you all possible accessories you require from a single place and give chances to select top quality yet preferable brands. Variety is obviously the topmost priority to acquire cell phone accessories, because of which one should check products offered by suppliers to their clients based on purchases. 

Quality of Accessories to be on the Top Priority

After this, you should consider for high quality of accessories at the time of acquisition. Sometimes buying of cell phone accessories at cheap rate may not act as the effective yet efficient solution. Reason for this is that cheap products usually do not have top quality and they fail to solve problems or serve requirements for short period and you would be back towards squaring one facing same types of problems, which you had earlier.

It is important for everyone to give concern towards the quality of any accessory before you considering its price. However, you may still be able to find top quality of accessories at affordable rates provided you do detailed research and go for perfect selection based on your financial abilities and needs.

Look for Ordering Procedure to Buy Accessories

Once you judge the quality and type of accessories, you have to look for the involved ordering process at the time of choosing a particular supplier. You should keep in mind that suppliers provide different types of ordering policies and procedures. Hence, you have to make sure of maintaining terms and conditions.

After this, you have to look for shipping terms at the time of approaching your selected supplier. Both offered products and services should match perfectly with your mobile phone needs and be reasonable in each aspect.

In conclusion, while looking for accessories to place in cell phones, one should approach reputable suppliers, who obtained their names to offer top quality of goods and excellent customer service.

How to check Apple MFI lightning cable

Most of the iphone lightning cable wholesalers or buyers knows how to identify the iphone lightning cables by eyes. As time is going on, some apple ” GENUINE” lightning cables are hard to see now because the fake IC is also improved as workingmanship is improving.

So, What shall we do with some iphone cables that have a good workmanship? No worry, let me share with you a machine and it is easy to see.


iPhone lightning Cable reader tester

iPhone lightning Cable reader tester

You can see from the photo above it can read all data from the data cable:


  •  Chip ID:
  • VID:
  • ID-SIN:
  • ASN:
  • MSH:
  • Original:
  • Score

With this iphone cable tester machine, you can verify the cable is genuine IC or not without any difficulty.

Need this machine or MFI cables information? Feel free to contact lider.

Something about iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

What do you expect for the next generation of iphone? iPhone 7. It is said that, there are 3 versions of for iPhone 7 – the regular iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Pro.

The lowest would be 32GB from iPhone 7. Maybe this is a good news for Apple fans. The iPhone 6s 16GB is really a low end toy because of the flash memory.

Apple will kill the 3.5 audio jacket and add a smart connector to the iphone for charging and data.

Let’s wait and see the new iphone 7. Maybe all the rumors will come true in September when iphone 7 releases.