Ideal Replacement Stylus for iPad, Best Anti-mistouch Pencil available now

Stylus pen for iPad
Stylus pen for iPad

High quality performance stylus pen, sensitive and smooth;
With battery indicator;
1.5mm fine tip;
Compatible with iPad 2018 or later version;
Suitble for mapping, office and game;
With Type C charging port;
It takes 80-100mins for a full charge;
Aluminum alloy body;
Measure: 165.5*9.04mm, dia 1.5mm for Nib;
Colors: White, Black;
Weight: 13.4g, right weight for long time use.

Precise, anti-touch, Anti-offset, with tilt painting.

Stylus pen
Stylus pen
Stylus pen compatible
Stylus pen compatible

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