Precious ScrewDriver Sets for Mobile Phone Repair

ScrewDriver Set for Mobile Phone Repair

It is a single screwdriver set for mobile phone repair. For wholesale only.

The screwdriver set is made up of –
1. Cover
2. 4 heads: You can customize 4 head with the 15 heads detailed above.
3. Metal body: you can also customize the color for this.
4. Fastener
5. Head place (it does not include any. the head there is for demo. 4 heads in total for a set.)

Works with iPhone, Samsung or other android mobile phone repair.
It is also good for dailly use of repair glass, watch or other small gadgets.

the head is made of special steel with even longer life than our competitors’. Normally this screwdriver set will last 3-5 years.

Conbined with 4 different heads. The wholesaler can select the best ones.
Customized logo is available in production.
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

Please contact Lider for more information of this screwdrivers set wholesale.

Best Cell Phone Repair tools and parts Supplier

Cell Phone Repair Tools

Cell Phone Repair Tools

Need a good cell or mobile Phone repair parts and tools supplier in Guangzhou China? Lider Industrial Ltd is your best choice for mobile phone repair tools and replacement parts.

As a professional manufacturer, supplier and designer in China, Lider is devoted to provide customers with quality Mobile phone replacement parts  as LCDs, flex cables, charge ports, lens, replacement housings, frames screws for iPhone, Samsung and other smart phones.

Besides these cell phone replacement parts, Lider also provides mobile repair tools for mobile repair centers or shops in the past decade. Mobile repair tools as phone pry tools and other opening tools, mobile phone LCD separators, SMD Soldering re-work Stations, Solder wire, Screwdrivers, multi meters and more.

You can source all the things from us at one-stop sourcing.

Welcome global mobile phone repair centers or shops to contact us for more details.

Contact:  Please Contact LIDER here.

Broken LCD? Or, Broken screen?

Broken Glass - Need go replace the bad one

Broken Glass – Need go replace the bad one

Samsung S6 Lcd replacement

Samsung S6 Lcd replacement

Many guys played with their phones and dropped them by mistake. Oh, my God, the phone is broken! Just pick it up and the screen shattered and there is a line there. The phone still turns on and everything works except the screen is destroyed.

Well, I need to say that it is still lucky. The Phone LCD is still good. It is not so costy to change the LCDs. The phones like Samsung S3, S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 or even newer version will be easier to replace the front glass. So do iPhone 5, 5s, 6,6s,6 Plus, 6s plus. The screen is still on and you can see the broken glass. The repair center will use a LCD seperator to repair it.

What shall I do if I am trying to turn on the phone and I am sure of the virbration of start? Sorry to tell you, the LCD is broken. And you have to repair the LCD+Touch. All phones would be done similar.


Samsung Galaxy S6 broken LCD and touch

Samsung Galaxy S6 broken LCD and touch

Q: I broke the Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen and Don’t see any display (Blank) and phone is not working but I did hear some beeps (may be updates or messages) but the phone getting on as the LED’s at the bottom are glowing. Do I need replace the LCD + Digitizer + Screen?

A: Sorry to let you know that you have to replace the Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD+Digitizer+Screen.

the front glass is broken, Just to repair that.

the front glass is broken, Just to repair that.

Q: I’ve cracked the iPhone 6s glass also from a short 2.5 ft drop. Looks like everything works as it should but there is just major glass breakage.

A: When you can see all the screen or icons as usual, the touch is also no problem. mmm, I think you can only replace the front glass.
Tips: you can buy a iPhone 6 glass screen protector to cover this. it will only break the screen protector on the same condition. You just replace the iphone 6 glass screen protector. DIY! So simple.