Mobile Phone Repair Tools Wholesale Guangzhou China

Mobile Phone Repair tools wholesale – It is very important to get a phone repaired when the phone LCD screen is broken, charger port does not work. Or, a big problem with the inner PCB mainboard. It will save you money … Continue reading

Best Cell Phone Repair tools and parts Supplier

Need a good cell or mobile Phone repair parts and tools supplier in Guangzhou China? Lider Industrial Ltd is your best choice for mobile phone repair tools and replacement parts. As a professional manufacturer, supplier and designer in China, Lider … Continue reading

Mobile Phone Repair Tools from Lider

  Please visit our latest catalog for Mobile Phone Repair Tools. It is a bit slow? Just download from our google drive here: We provide you a full line of repair tools as – LCD seperator; LCD assembly machine; … Continue reading

How Many Machines You Need for Mobile Screen Repair or Refurbish?

How many machines you need for mobile screen repair or refurbish? How about the big screens like Apple iPad, Samsung or other tablets? How can I know all the machines for my repair shop? … You may have too many … Continue reading

Repair Screwdriver Toolbox Set for iPhone

You need a good toolbox to help in iPhone repair. There comes screwdriver toolbox for iPhone. It is conbined with 6 mostly used screwdrivers as Frearson /Cross 1.3mm; Slot 2.0mm; Tri-wing Y shape 0.7mm; T5,T6 and Pentalobes 0.8 mm. It is packed in a yellow plastic … Continue reading